Toxicity assessment

Providing additional value and more specific impact assessment.

Maximise data

Fish are commonly used for toxicity assessment of novel chemicals / pharmaceuticals by experimental facilities. WellFish Diagnostics do not undertake toxicity assessment on fish. However, where such assessment if being undertaken, clinical chemistry can help maximise the data generated by these experiments by the addition of new and more specific endpoints, providing additional value.

WellFish Diagnostics offer a wide range of clinical chemistry endpoints to choose from, depending on the impact to be assess. The WellFish Diagnostics clinical chemistry biomarker profiles include:

  • Gill & Osmoregulatory Function
  • Cardiac & Muscle Function
  • Liver, Kidney & Pancreatic Function
  • Mineral Profile
  • Freshwater / Smoltification
  • Lipid Profile
  • Immunology

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